About the Founder of JOTECHLLC.COM- Joh Ney

Jotech-llc (Tech Portal Kenya) was founded on 10th May 2017 and the full portal was launched on 5th August 2018 to the general Kenyan public by Joh Ney (a Professional IT Expert and Blogger from Machakos, Kenya) with an aim of ensuring that all citizens from the all Countries are able to get online Tech services with convenience and ease at their finger tips.Joh Ney is a Kenyan internet technology entrepreneur born and raised in Machakos, Kenya. He is best known as the founder of Jotech LLC.Joh Ney is a Self taught Computer Enthusiast,Android Developer, Software Engineer, Website Designer, Blogger & Vloger. He posses vast knowledge in two key aspects of computer training, that is, the link between Information Technology and the Business Environment. He has over 5 years experience in managing and operating cyber cafe businesses in Kenya.Joh Ney possesses great knowledge, expertise and experience in Cyber Services i.e (KRA) Tax obligations such as Income Tax Resident, Income Tax Non Resident, Income Tax PAYE, Income Tax Company, Turnover Tax, Withholding Tax and also Value Added Tax.Joh Ney is also the proprietor of Jotech Ventures Cyber Portal Kenya, an online venture that operates Jotech Cyber Portal in Kenya as its online cyber cafe business brand Kenya.  He is an IT Consultant by profession and Tech Expert by experience. You can drop him an email at: john.me.info@gmail.com today.